TRUTH WARRIOR Amazonite and Chrysoprase Goddess Mala

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TRUTH WARRIOR Amazonite and Chrysoprase Goddess Mala



TRUTH WARRIOR Amazonite and Chrysoprase Goddess Magic Mala

102 6mm chinese amazonite beads | 6 6mm natural chrysoprase beads | 1 Sterling Silver Pendant with Satin Finish | 100% natural silk from Germany | approx. 32" in length with 3" tassel

The Magic Malas pendant is a hybrid of moon and goddess symbology, imbued with the power of the sacred feminine and intuitively designed to remind you of the potent magic for healing and transformation that is already within you. 

Calling all truth warriors!

This mala has been created to help you express your inner truth in a way that promotes peace and harmony. If you have difficulty expressing what’s in your heart, or you’re not sure what you want from your life, this magic mala is for you. Amazonite awakens the energies of communication, helping you first gain clarity and then express your true thoughts and feelings clearly, with no agenda other than to offer the truth as you see it. Amazonite also opens the energy of the heart. During times of conflict, this’ll give you the ability to speak your truth with compassion, as well as listen to the other’s point of view. Only when the energy of communication and the wisdom of the heart come together can true harmony be achieved.

When meditating with amazonite, you may be offered new visions and intuitions. Because amazonite is a stone of truth, you can completely trust this guidance and take steps to act upon it. Amazonite is a wish-fulfiller and will empower you to manifest your dreams and desires, first by encouraging you to express out loud what it is that you wish to create in your life, and then by gently showing you the course of action to take.  Amazonite will teach you that the words you speak are important; each uttering has a vibrational frequency that’s literally painting your future. As you begin to understand this, you come to know the creative power of your words.  

And  Chrysoprase.....

If you experienced a jolt of recognition whilst reading this information, this magic mala is for you. 

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Amazing Amazonite. Gemstones are unique (just like you) so do bear in mind that these natural stones and their colours do vary slightly. Each unique mala is even more beautiful and potent in real life. 

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