PACHAMAMA Moss Agate Goddess Mala

Moss Agate Magic Mala UK
Moss Agate Magic Mala UK
Moss Agate Magic Mala UK
Moss Agate Magic Mala UK
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PACHAMAMA Moss Agate Goddess Mala


PACHAMAMA Moss Agate Goddess Magic Mala

108 6mm natural moss agate beads | 1 18ct Gold Plated Pendant with Satin Finish | 100% natural silk from Germany | approx. 32" in length with 3" tassel

The Magic Malas pendant is a hybrid of moon and goddess symbology, imbued with the power of the sacred feminine and intuitively designed to remind you of the potent magic for healing and transformation that is already within you.

Stop for a moment. Bring your awareness to your natural breath. Feel how you expand with each inhalation and release with each exhalation. Start to have a sense that, perhaps, rather than YOU are breathing, you are instead BEING BREATHED. Because this is actually far more accurate – with each breath your lungs are simply making space for life-giving oxygen to come in and nourish your cells. The breath teaches us that in every moment we are taken care of and that there is a greater power behind us all.

In Inca mythology, Pachamama was the name given to Mother Earth. It was understood that She was responsible for all of life’s creation. Today, she is still worshipped by communities living in the Andes and offerings to her can be seen all over the landscape.

Moss Agate is the embodiment of this potent Earth energy. Moss Agate is for you if you are looking to rekindle your connection with our beautiful planet, and to live in harmony with nature. Working with Moss Agate promotes balance and grounding.

Wearing Moss Agate will remind you that there is no task greater than the source of power within you. It will help you bring your highest visions into reality, by soothing your emotions and giving you clarity and focus. If you find yourself constantly swinging between moods, Moss Agate works to balance and purify excess emotions, helping you to feel the peace of knowing that all is well and that you are supported by our Great Mother in every moment.

If you experienced a jolt of recognition whilst reading this information, this magic mala is for you. 

  • Includes suggested magic mantra and spiritual practice | Complimentary Magic Malas gift box (made from recycled resources)
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Moorish Moss Agate. Gemstones are unique (just like you) so do bear in mind that these natural stones and their colours do vary slightly. Each unique mala is even more beautiful and potent in real life. 

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