I AM OPEN-HEARTED Rose Quartz Goddess Mala

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I AM OPEN-HEARTED Rose Quartz Goddess Mala


I AM OPEN-HEARTED Goddess Milky Rose Quartz Mala


108 6mm natural rose quartz beads | 1 Sterling Silver Pendant with Satin Finish | 100% natural silk from Germany | approx. 32" in length with 3" tassel

The Magic Malas pendant is a hybrid of moon and goddess symbology, imbued with the power of the sacred feminine and intuitively designed to remind you of the potent magic for healing and transformation that is already within you.

A massive squidgy hug from your BFF - that’s the energy of Rose Quartz. A stone for our time, its soft energy soothes the emotions, heals the wounds of the heart and reawakens our trust in just about anything. If you're feeling pretty let down by life and need a helping hand in rediscovering the love and joy buried within you, this is your mala.

Rose Quartz will reawaken your sense of self-worth and will encourage you to embody the energy of acceptance. Every single one of us is lovable and worthy of giving and receiving love. When we come to know this, we start to treat ourselves differently: our internal dialogue becomes more encouraging, we take steps to nourish our bodies, we take the necessary action to heal our minds and as we change, we attract more loving situations. This is why Rose Quartz has the ability to transform relationships – what we believe about ourselves and what we give out into the world, we receive as experience.

Wearing this Rose Quartz mala stimulates the heart chakra, enabling you to embrace the world and begin to see life through the eyes of love and compassion. Rose Quartz is particularly good if you have a history of, or are currently working through anxiety - meditating with Rose Quartz releases worry, fear and past emotional trauma – all the energetic blockages that are stopping you from living life to the full.

If you experienced a jolt of recognition whilst reading this information, this magic mala is for you. 

  • Includes complimentary Magic Malas gift box (made from recycled resources) 

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