FIRE WITHIN ME Carnelian Mala

Carnelian Magic Mala UK
Carnelian Mala UK
Carnelian Magic Mala UK
Carnelian Mala UK

FIRE WITHIN ME Carnelian Mala


FIRE WITIN ME  Carnelian Magic Mala

108 6mm natural carnelian beads | 1 Vermeil Gold Brushed Guru Bead | 100% natural silk from Germany | approx. 32" in length with 3" tassel

Sister, you’re a naturally creative being. And you have much to offer this beautiful world – don’t leave the earthly plane with your music still inside of you.

Carnelian is another member of the chalcedony family and is there for you when you know that you need to take action, but you’re scared to, or perhaps you’ve no idea what action to take. It gives you the courage to take a big leap of faith so that you can dedicate yourself to a new path and a new way of being. Carnelian says do first, worry later. It teaches you that every new endeavour will be accompanied by fear, but that fear doesn’t have to stop you from living a life on your terms.

Meditating with carnelian can help you move away from procrastination and figure out the next step in your life. Because of this it is a powerful ally for manifesting your visions. Your sexuality can also be given a big boost by wearing carnelian - it stokes the inner fire of passion, stimulating confidence, vitality and a lust for life. Carnelain reignites that fire within you, helping you to live a life of passion and purpose. 

If you experienced a jolt of recognition whilst reading this information, this magic mala is for you. 

  • Includes suggested magic mantra and spiritual practice | Complimentary Magic Malas gift box (made from recycled resources)
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Fiery Carnelian. Gemstones are unique (just like you) so do bear in mind that these natural stones and their colours do vary slightly. Each unique mala is even more beautiful and potent in real life. 

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