Amethyst mala
Amethyst Mala UK
Amethyst mala
Amethyst Mala UK




108 8mm natural chevron amethyst beads | 1 18ct Vermeil Gold Pendant with Satin Finish | 100% natural silk from Germany | approx. 32" in length with 3" tassel

Sister, the Goddess is calling you. She's buried within you and she wants to be set free.

Divine Connection has been created to honour the inner Goddess. This juicy amethyst is a member of the Quartz tribe and seems to almost always be one of the first crystals that people are drawn to. This juicy and luscious purple stone vibrates at a high frequency and will open up your higher energy centres to stimulate intuition and increase your spiritual awareness. It is the ultimate stone for meditation, allowing you to attune to higher frequencies to gain clearer insight into the nature of the universe and your role within it.

You were born with a killer intuitive instinct, designed to help you navigate the waters of life and keep you in ever close contact with the Divine Mother - your source of connectivity and inspiration. Yet somewhere along your path you learnt to shut down your intuitive capabilities and in turn you no longer fully trust yourself.

Over the past few centuries, rational reasoning has become the preferred currency of our current cultural reality, and collectively we have been suppressing our ability to intuit and be open to our inner guidance system. As a remedy to this, amethyst will raise your vibration, stimulating the third eye, your energetic centre of intuition, as well as the crown chakra, your energetic portal to the Divine.

Wearing or meditating with this amethyst mala propels you on a path to spiritual awakening. By raising your vibration, amethyst encourages you to transcend the self-destructive tendencies that are keeping you from living a fulfilling life. It calls you to take responsibility for your own fate and helps you to let go of your addictions so that you are free to walk a new path.

Traditionally, amethyst has also been used to counteract insomnia and to calm the nervous system during times of stress.

If you experienced a jolt of recognition whilst reading this information, this magic mala is for you. 

  • Includes suggested magic mantra and spiritual practice | Complimentary Magic Malas gift box (made from recycled resources)
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Juicy Chevron Amethyst. Gemstones are unique (just like you) so do bear in mind that these natural stones and their colours do vary slightly. Each unique mala is even more beautiful and potent in real life. 


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