meet sarah

Where do I begin?


My story is probably just like yours - full of beauty, love, heartbreak and a defining moment when everything changed.


 I grew up fairly unconsciously but was always interested in spirituality. When I was 19 I took a part time job at a gemstone specialist and it was here that I discovered my love and fascination for natural stones. Whilst studying at university, I continued to work for the company for over seven years, and slowly built up an in-depth knowledge of semi-precious stones and their metaphysical meanings/ uses. At around the same time, I started developing a personal yoga practice.

One day I was walking around Zagreb (why I was there is a whole other story) and I received a text message from my dad. He told me to call home as soon as I could. And as I stood there overlooking the city, bathed in winter sunshine, my dad broke down at the end of the phone.

He could hardly get the words out. My brother had died. Suddenly.  Accidental drug overdose.

Now I don’t really remember how I managed to get back to the UK that day, but what I do remember is that as my heart shattered into millions of tiny pieces, there was a strong resolve to use that intense pain, and transform it into good. I took my healing into my own hands. And this was the turning point, when everything changed. My yoga practice became my sanctuary. I got on my mat, meditated my heart out, surrounded myself with gemstones, recited mantras as if my life depended on it and eventually trained to be a yoga teacher.

My life is now dedicated to sharing these yogic tools with others. I travel and teach yoga. And of course I founded Magic Malas. It is my experience that gemstones, malas and magic mantras can help us find clarity and purpose in our lives, no matter what life throws at us.  

And that brings me to YOU.

Within you there is power, just waiting to be unleashed. Whatever your story, whatever your life circumstances, everything you need to live a life of love, clarity and purpose is within you. And I am here to help you discover it.