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Can a piece of jewellery support and empower you on your life journey?

Ignore the goofy smile. Focus on the mala....

Ignore the goofy smile. Focus on the mala....

Do you find yourself craving an empowering and meaningful piece of jewellery but don't know where to look? You've probably come across many companies that offer yoga-inspired jewellery and mala beads, only to find out that their products are not only mass-produced, but you also don't necessarily know who's making them.

 Magic Malas is different.

One of my clients recently shared with me about her experience with Magic Malas.

"I love my mala Sarah - thank you so much. Every time I wear it, it feels so special. I love the information and magic mantra you gave me as well - it's like you're speaking directly to me and it's given me a new sense of direction. Everything about the service you provide shows me that you care."

It's true, I really do take pride in working intuitively to create yoga-inspired jewellery and malas that reflect your unique style and empower you on your journey. 

  • Does jewellery hold a deeper MEANING to you?
  • Do you VALUE consciously-created items over mass-produced?
  • Do you LOVE unique and exclusive jewellery, made with love and insight?
  • Do you have a unique style?
  • Are you someone who considers themselves as a FREE SPIRIT?
  • Do you practice YOGA/ MEDITATION or are intrigued by spiritual practices?
  • Are you looking for jewellery inspired by yoga?
  • Do you want to unleash YOUR INNER MAGIC?
  • Do you believe in GIVING and being of service to our planet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place sister. 

I love designing and creating yoga-inspired jewellery to support and empower you on your life journey. Each magic mala piece is carefully designed, sourced and created with YOU in mind. You deserve jewellery as special as you are. 

A Magic Mala isn't for you if you're looking for budget jewellery or to follow the latest fashion trends (and by the way, I see NOTHING wrong with that). It's just that, Magic Malas is different. If you want a meaningful piece of jewellery that you can cherish and use to set your intention for your life, then you belong here. 

Here's my story (I'll keep it brief).....

I’m Sarah Coxon, a yoga-loving, jewellery-obsessed, travel junkie, ex –archaeologist.

Or in other words, a woman who simply follows her curiosity and has absolutely no life plan, much to the dismay of my family…..

The concept of Magic Malas first popped into my head on my way to do a visa run in the Philippines.

At that time, I was teaching yoga on a remote tropical island and wanted to provide yoga inspired jewellery for my students, as well as generate more income to fund my bikini-buying habit. When that teaching gig didn’t work out (turns out that despite what your boss might tell you, you really do need to have a work permit to teach yoga in the Philippines, who knew?), I had a mini freak out about what I was going to do next. But deep down, I already knew. I flew my ass back to the UK and, building upon nearly a decade of previous experience I had working for a gemstone specialist, Magic Malas was born.

Learn more about me....

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