Do you want to feel more empowered and inspired?

Do you want to carve out your own destiny?

Do you want to honour your inner medicine woman and follow a lineage of sisters?

Jewellery holds power

Bathe yourself in the riches of the Great Mother

Garnet with Lotus Pendant Sacred Necklace

Every Goddess knows that to adorn herself in natural semi-precious gemstones is to celebrate both inner and outer beauty. It's no coincidence that throughout space and time, women and precious jewels have journeyed together. 

We only have to look at history to see that there has been a long lineage of sisters who have empowered themselves with jewels: Lapis Lazuli in Ancient Eygpt, Garnet in the Dark Ages, Turquoise in Native America. 

Jewels resonate with our very essence as women. They invoke magic and express meaning.  

Woman with Moon Tattoo

I'm Sarah 

I'm a yogini, yoga teacher, medicine woman at heart, goddess worshipper and sacred jewellery artisan. I live in magical Aljezur, Portugal (a place of rugged coastlines and potent ancient energy), and it is here that I intricately handcraft the small collection of one-off jewellery pieces that you'll find on the website. 

I have been a crystal nerd for well over 15 years and I really know their healing power, having worked intuitively with them in my spiritual practices for years.

I began to realise that many fashionable jewellery companies are capitalising on the healing qualities of gemstones, without fully explaining or really understanding how these exquisite gems, coming from the womb of Mother Earth herself, were created to teach us and heal us. At least to me, it seems that their focus is on style and profit only.

I knew there was another way, so I started sourcing my own gems and creating my own malas and necklaces, infusing each piece for hours during the creation process and amplifying the already sacred energy of the stones. I started to create unique healing pieces and watched them draw in the women (and sometimes men) who were destined to be their owners. And this beautiful dance between these power pieces and the healing they perform continues. 

What everyone's saying....

Onyx Mala

"I just wanted to let you know that my rose quartz mala has arrived and it is just so beautiful and I am really happy with it! Thank you."

"Oh my goodness, it’s so beautiful I barely even dare take it out of the box! I love it, thank you so much."

"It is so beautiful Sarah. It is a really lovely weight. I love it and can't wait to get working with it later. Thank you!"

"The malas I purchased are having an incredible effect on me, One thing is for sure, I am so much happier, I am owning my worth, and owning my truth and I have no fear.  No longer people-pleasing, no being over responsible, walking away from toxic situations and spotting them straight away."

The Creation Process

It's all in the detail

What makes my jewellery different from other brands is that each piece is carefully and intuitively designed, sourced and handcrafted, ensuring that your item is as powerful and special as you are.

1. An Intention is Born

Often designs will simply come to me, during meditations or when I am out and about. A particular gemstone will be calling to me and I'll sketch the idea as soon as I can. It is also at this time that any associated healing mantras and soul wisdom come through as well, and I also make a note of these. 

2. I Source the Gemstones

I only use a couple of suppliers. They are ethical and I handpick the best gemstones that they have. I often feel as if the stones themselves want to be picked.

3. I Handcraft your Piece

It takes me several hours of intricate and careful work to create your piece. There are several different stringing methods that I could use, but unless otherwise stated I prefer to hand-knot EVERYTHING. Most companies do not do this because it takes such a long time. But knotting ensures that the stones are cushioned and protected, that the piece sits well upon your skin and it looks far more elegant. I go into a meditative trance during the creation process and infuse the knots with sacred power.  

The Result?

A really special and sacred power piece.

Smoky Quartz with Moon Pendant Necklace