what is a mala?

Mala Beads | Meditation Beads | Prayer Beads are a circle of beads that is used as a tool during meditation.

Although prayer beads feature in many world religions, in the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism and yoga, they are commonly used to recite mantras – sacred sounds with magical intentions.

Using mala beads is all about transformation – by using the power of repetition to focus the mind we can manifest our heart's desires.

And what’s really exciting is that although mala beads have ancient origins (over 2000 years, maybe even more), their potential for improving our well-being in the modern world is creating quite a stir among psychotherapists and holistic healers. In fact, recent clinical studies have shown that using malas with affirmations has noticeable positive psycho-spiritual effects. It is thought that these benefits can be understood in terms of ritual – that the ritual itself encourages more happiness and well-being.  Building on this, each Magic Mala comes with a suggested use, a way to tap into the energies of the mala and manifest them in your own life. 


Why are there 108 beads in a mala?

Within many eastern traditions, a mala commonly consists of 108 beads and a 109th ‘guru’ bead.

Although the significance of this numerology is open to interpretation, it's thought that 108 is an auspicious number.

If you Google the number 108, you’ll find lots of interesting facts. For example, did you know that the diameter of the Sun multiplied by 108 equals the distance between the Sun and Earth, and also that the diameter of the Moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between the Earth and Moon? As if that wasn’t enough, the diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. Pretty cool huh?


natural stones? energies? really?

Oh I hear ya. In an age where scientific rational is celebrated, it’s normal to be skeptical and it’s very easy to dismiss ideas that seem too far ‘out there.’

But in my experience, waking up to our true potential is often accompanied with the suspension of disbelief.  

There are two ways that we can approach natural stones and their capacity to transform.

The first is to view stones within the scope of psychology - that each stone is an emblem of a certain intention, and that naturally what our minds focus on, we gain more of.  The second is to embrace the possibility that stones have energetic personalities. As expressions of Mother Nature, their energetic frequencies therefore have an impact upon our own energetic fields, interacting with us to bring about change in our lives.

Whatever your personal approach,  working with natural stones has the potential to powerfully transform your sense of well-being.