3 Gemstones for Yoginis....

Ever thought about enhancing your yoga practice with natural crystals?

Far from being hocus pocus trash, gemstones have the potential to help you on your yoga journey to empowerment. When I fused my love of crystals and yoga, magic happened.

There are two ways that to approach natural stones and their capacity to transform. The first is to view stones within the scope of psychology - that each stone is an emblem of a certain intention, and that naturally what your mind focuses on, you gain more of.  The second is to embrace the possibility that stones have energetic personalities. As expressions of Mother Nature, their energetic frequencies therefore have an impact upon your own energetic field, interacting with you to bring about change in your life.

Whatever your personal approach, working with natural stones has the potential to powerfully transform your sense of well-being and your yoga practice.

There are many ways as a yogini you can use these stones: placing them around your mat, placing them on your heart during savasana and wearing and meditating with gemstone malas (my favourite way – obviously).


Here are three stones that should be in every yoginis toolkit:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz will reawaken your sense of self-worth and will encourage you to embody the energy of acceptance. Every single one of us is lovable and worthy of giving and receiving love. When we come to know this, we start to treat ourselves differently: our internal dialogue becomes more encouraging, we take steps to nourish our bodies, we take the necessary action to heal our minds and as we change, we attract more loving situations. This is why Rose Quartz has the ability to transform relationships – what we believe about ourselves and what we give out into the world, we receive as experience. Find out more.


Carnelian is another member of the chalcedony family and is there for you when you know that you need to take action, but you’re scared to, or perhaps you’ve no idea what action to take. It gives you the courage to take a big leap of faith so that you can dedicate yourself to a new path and a new way of being. Carnelian says do first, worry later. It teaches you that every new endeavour will be accompanied by fear, but that fear doesn’t have to stop you from living a life on your terms. Find out more.


Moonstone invokes the teachings of the moon. When you wear and work with moonstone, you'll begin a journey of self- discovery, learning when it’s time to take action and when it’s time to be still, reflect and restore your magic. Moonstone is for you if deep down there is a call to meet the Goddess within - she'll open up your intuition, help you uncover and heal the wounded parts of yourself related to sexuality and sense of womanhood, and help bring you back into alignment with your cyclical, naturally wild and naturally wise self. Find out more (password: ibelieveinmagic).


So there you are – beautiful natural stones to enhance your yoga. Try them for yourself and let me know how you get on.