what gemstone are you?

Find your gem avatar! Make a note of your answers to each of these 10 questions and then add up for scores. Which one are you?

1. What colour schemes are you most drawn to?

A. Blue/ Black/ Green/ Grey – earth dwelling colours.

B. White/ Cream/ Brown/ Beige – I like to keep it classic.

C. Red/ Pink/ Orange – anything vibrant and sexy.


2. How do you make your decisions?

A. With logic and reason.

B. I try to listen to my heart.

C. Impulsively. And then I sometimes regret it gah.


3. Do you get mood swings?

A. Not really, I'm pretty level-headed.

B. Sometimes. I’m quite sensitive and get hurt easily.

C. Yes! I get angry and sad all the time.


4. A friend is feeling depressed. How do you cheer her up?

A. Take her to see a movie to take her mind off it.

B. Cook her a nutritious yummy meal and buy her a thoughtful gift to show her just how much you love her.

C. Let her know that you're there for her and then tell her your latest life drama, hoping she'll find it funny.


5. What's your ideal vacation?

A. Yoga, massages, and lots of chill time.

B. Volunteering - kids in Asia or animals in South America, I don't care as long as I’m helping out and having fun.

C. Are you kidding me? Sunbathing, cocktails and very little else.


6. Your boss calls you telling you that she wants a meeting. What do you think?

A. Brilliant, I can run my latest ideas by her.

B. Oooh, perhaps I'll get a pay rise? That would be nice.

C. Shit, shit, shit. I’m going to get fired.


7. How would your friends describe you?

A. Insightful and a little bit 'out there.'

B. Caring with a big heart.

C. Fun and honest - what you see is what you get.


8. Where's your ideal home?

A. By the sea please.

B. In the forest, surrounded by trees.

C. I'm a city gal, pure and simple.


9. What's your biggest fear?

A. Conflict, war and struggle.

B. A life without love.

C. Not being successful.


10. What's your biggest dream for your life?

A. To make a difference in people’s lives, helping them grow and be happy.

B. To be surrounded by love.

C. To let go of the day job and do something that inspires me.


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