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Amethyst Mala

Yoga Inspired Jewellery and Mala Beads

- consciously designed, sourced and created to empower you on your journey -

- high quality natural gemstones -

- supports global non-profits -


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There are many malas on the market but not every mala is consciously made with the same love, insight, care and devotion. A Magic Mala is different - behind each design is nearly a decade of expertise. Not only is each piece consciously and carefully made, it comes with carefully thought out information and advice. 

"I love my mala Sarah - thank you so much. Every time I wear it, it feels so special. I love the information and magic mantra you gave me as well - it's like you're speaking directly to me and it's given me a new sense of direction. Everything about the service you provide shows me that you care."  Liz, UK


"I dithered for ages about whether or not to buy one of your malas but I'm glad I did it. I've had so many compliments and two of my friends have also now bought malas from you." Jenni, UK


"I just received my mala. It's beautiful!!! The packaging is bang on and the smell is lush! " Lisa, UK


"My life is changing and it's thanks to your mala. I wore it again yesterday and had a chat with my dad as never before. Open heart! " Saskia, Slovakia